The Personal Training Account

What is the PTA used for?

The PTA or more precisely the Personal Training Account allows you to evolve, and
professionalize you skills. So why not take advantage of it?
In 2019, there will be a major change to the Personal Training Account, it will no longer
be a question of hours but of euros. Working people will accumulate 500€ per year for
training (capped at 5 000€) and the less qualified will accumulate 800€ per year
(capped at 8000€).

A telephone application, a simplified innovation!
Scheduled for the second half of 2019, a mobile application will allow you to buy your
training courses freely and without a third party involved. This service will be managed by
Caisse des Dépôts. And will allow you to know your rights and manage your file in total
autonomy even in the event of matching contributions.

With the application, you will be able to:
– To follow up on your rights and procedures
– To find training related to your business sector
– To be able to register without an intermediary and pay online
– To consult the labour market integration at the end of the training
– Consult and write comments on each training session.

Who is concerned?
Beneficiaries of the PTA may be employees, job seekers, self-employed workers, public
officials, liberal or self-employed professions, collaborating spouses. Training providers,
information and guidance bodies, companies, Opca (Opco), the Caisse des dépôts et
consignations, the social partners.

If you would like to do a training before the 2019 change, let us know and we will be
happy to help you set up your training assistance files.
The Inspire Academy, a language training and coaching centre located in Biarritz, offers
you language courses that include coaching for professionals and individuals. A
personalized program, in order to develop self-esteem and thus increase the chances of
success in professional and personal life by using a communicative and dynamic