The house and living situations

Today we will cover living at home, the type of area you live in, and introducing sentences you can use to describe your house.

The beginning of a conversation about your house will usually start with…

Where do you live ?

I live in… / Im from…

Who do you live with ?

I live with… / I live alone

The main areas

House rooms - Key words to help learn basic English

Some questions you might ask…

Where is your toilet? / Can I use your bathroom?

Yes, it’s through the corridor* and on the right

What is your address?

My address is …

Do you have a big garden?

No, I have a small terrace

Do you share a room?

Yes, I share a room with my brother


‘couloir’ in French, also known as ‘Hallway’ in English

What’s inside?

Inside the house, you will commonly find…

Household items - Key words to help learn basic English.
Stairs, sofa, mirror, cupboard, cushion, door, clock, chair.

The garden

You have the front garden, and the back garden…

Front and back garden - Key words to help learn basic English

And in the garden, you might find….

Garden items - Key words to help learn basic English.
Tree, grass, flowers, barbecue, bench, vegetable garden, birds nest, playground.


What type or area do you live in?

Locations  - key words to help learn basic English.
City, suburb, countryside, town.

Describing your area

Words could include…

The city: Busy, noisy, touristic, cultural

Suburbs: Residential, diverse, popular

Countryside: Quiet, rural, peaceful, fresh

Town: Local, calm, community, safe

What type of house do you live in?

Different locations have different housing types, for example…

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