The Art Of Conversation

A conversation is an exchange of information between two or more individuals, usually
on a specific topic. Conversation is a common form of communication that allows people
to get to know each other.
It is generally a common activity in everyday life. The conversation can be with a person
you know, whom you know little or nothing about (family, spouse, friends, co-worker,
supervisor, stranger, neighbour…)
The way of expressing oneself is different from one interlocutor to another.
Conversation topics, on the other hand, are defined as the topics covered during a
discussion, they are varied and even infinitely numerous! The context will be part of the
choice of conversation subject, we can integrate the context, the interlocutor, the place,
the age, the sex, the time, the period, the mood… And many more! They can be quite
common, common, everyday, common or exceptional, rare, new, unpublished, but then
again it is difficult to list all these different types of subjects. Each conversation can then
have its own name such as negotiation, discussion, altercation, contestation and
incorporates a different way of speaking for each situation. The conversation is not just
about talking and then shutting up. You have to get involved and be attentive to what is
being said in front of you.

The gaze and gestures can reflect the interest of the person concerned.
To converse is also to be respected (when we are listened to) and to respect the other
(to listen to what we are told).
We can easily see and/or feel the attention that our interlocutor pays to our words; it
can be visibly strong, weak or even non-existent (quite offensive, no doubt?)
We would therefore like to share with you the essential practices during conversations
(of all kinds):
Be 100% present: focus on what we are told
Do not interrupt: wait until the end of the conversation
Answer with meaning: don't just answer yes or no
Interested in the other: ask questions, take an interest in the other
Do not hesitate to rephrase: be sure you have understood and be sure to be understood
Control everyone's speaking time: do not let the dialogue turn into a monologue
Conclude: end the conversation in a polite and respectful manner
Here's something to make you laugh about how you converse! And let's not forget:
Conversation is a difficult art. You have to be economical.