Création de contenus en Anglais

The Inspire Academy a mis en place un service d’aide aux entreprises notamment dans la conception de contenus en anglais. Articles de blog, publications sur les réseaux sociaux, textes informatifs, e-mails, newsletters, CV, lettres de motivation, présentations … Nous sommes à vos côtés pour vous apporter les meilleures solutions et nous adaptons la rédaction de contenus en fonction de vos différents supports de communication. Notre approche repose sur l’écoute de vos besoins et sur la compréhension du fonctionnement global de …

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Beach scene

Beach vocabulary

Grab your sunglasses! We’re going to give you all the basic vocabulary you need to enjoy a day at the beach. The beach is composed of two main things, the sea (or ocean)  and the sand. If you are lucky, the sun will be shining so you might want to apply suncream to get a tan while you sunbathe, if not, you could get sunburn. You might see some surfers wearing wetsuits and carrying surfboards. Don’t forget your swimsuit! If you are a woman, you might wear a one-piece or two-piece …

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Sign post directions


How to ask for and give directions. It’s very beneficial to know how to get help finding where to go if you become lost, and how to give help to someone in need. Asking for directions Excuse me, do you know where … is ? Sorry, I’m lost, could you help me find…? Keywords There are certain items you can refer to to help you give clear directions, like… Giving directions Go right / Take the …

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The house and living situations

Today we will cover living at home, the type of area you live in, and introducing sentences you can use to describe your house. The beginning of a conversation about your house will usually start with… Where do you live ? I live in… / Im from… Who do you live with ? I live with… / I live alone The main areas Some questions you might ask… Where is your toilet? / Can I use your bathroom? …

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Months, days of the week & ordinal numbers

Find out how to ask for, or tell someone, the date. The English months are similar to French, but they have different pronounciation.  The days of the week look like this : You can hear how to pronounce these words in our video course ‘Months and days of the week’. Ordinal numbers As you can see, after ‘third’ the numbers finish with ‘nth’ : ‘3rd, 4th, 5th…’ In formal writing (business, job applications, etc), it is better to …

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