Practice English in France

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Practicing English outside the classroom

It is so important to continue practicing English after your lessons to retain the information you have learned. So, we have made a guide of the best English-speaking activities you can do in some of France’s best cities. The best way to do this is to surround yourself with the language and continue to speak, read and listen in English. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either ! Native speakers will be more than happy to help …

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Get the experience, live the moment.

Enjoy.That is what we are looking for. Enjoy life, all it has to offer. Life is an inexhaustiblecreative source. Neither age nor location matters; every day reveals unique experiencesthat are discovered one after the other. Experiences follow one another, we transform,evolve and improve.These experiences, whether good or bad, must be sought and their full potentialexploited. Depending on the experience, we are looking for fun, challenges, encounters,or all of these things at once.At The Inspire Academy, …

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The Personal Training Account

What is the PTA used for? The PTA or more precisely the Personal Training Account allows you to evolve, andprofessionalize you skills. So why not take advantage of it?In 2019, there will be a major change to the Personal Training Account, it will no longerbe a question of hours but of euros. Working people will accumulate 500€ per year fortraining (capped at 5 000€) and the less qualified will accumulate 800€ per year(capped at 8000€). …

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