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Les cours en ligne, un avantage ou un inconvénient ?

Avec le confinement, les cours en ligne ont connu une réelle croissance ce qui a permis aux entreprises aussi, de se développer et d’ouvrir leur panel de formation pour attirer plus de clients. L’apprentissage par la formation en ligne En 2020, l’apprentissage des langues, de par la formation en  ligne a connu une hausse de 35%. La raison principale est bien sûr le confinement qui laissait bien plus de temps aux personnes qui n’en avaient …

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How to develop conversation with someone

Developing your conversational skills is about getting to know someone, and establishing a rapport.  The objective : To find common ground from which you can establish a relationship. Hobbies or activities are a great way to engage in conversation, for example… What did you do on the weekend ? ‘Did’ is the past simple tense of the verb ‘to do’, once the tense is recognised you can use this to help form your answer. I went for a walk / I walked. ‘Went’ is the past …

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Let’s have fun with the Inspire Academy

”Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein No more theory, boredom, passive learning… So-called traditional education does notfoster human bonds. Times are changing and we need to support students so that theyhave good experiences. This will create, in them, a desire to learn new things.At The Inspire Academy, a language training and coaching centre located in Biarritz,learning is synonymous with fun. You dreamt of it, we did it! To flourish while studyingand in life …

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Get the experience, live the moment.

Enjoy.That is what we are looking for. Enjoy life, all it has to offer. Life is an inexhaustiblecreative source. Neither age nor location matters; every day reveals unique experiencesthat are discovered one after the other. Experiences follow one another, we transform,evolve and improve.These experiences, whether good or bad, must be sought and their full potentialexploited. Depending on the experience, we are looking for fun, challenges, encounters,or all of these things at once.At The Inspire Academy, …

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The Art Of Conversation

A conversation is an exchange of information between two or more individuals, usuallyon a specific topic. Conversation is a common form of communication that allows peopleto get to know each other.It is generally a common activity in everyday life. The conversation can be with a personyou know, whom you know little or nothing about (family, spouse, friends, co-worker,supervisor, stranger, neighbour…)The way of expressing oneself is different from one interlocutor to another.Conversation topics, on the other …

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