develop English skills

How to develop conversation with someone

Developing your conversational skills is about getting to know someone, and establishing a rapport.  The objective : To find common ground from which you can establish a relationship. Hobbies or activities are a great way to engage in conversation, for example… What did you do on the weekend ? ‘Did’ is the past simple tense of the verb ‘to do’, once the tense is recognised you can use this to help form your answer. I went for a walk / I walked. ‘Went’ is the past …

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The Personal Training Account

What is the PTA used for? The PTA or more precisely the Personal Training Account allows you to evolve, andprofessionalize you skills. So why not take advantage of it?In 2019, there will be a major change to the Personal Training Account, it will no longerbe a question of hours but of euros. Working people will accumulate 500€ per year fortraining (capped at 5 000€) and the less qualified will accumulate 800€ per year(capped at 8000€). …

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