Practicing English outside the classroom

It is so important to continue practicing English after your lessons to retain the information you have learned. So, we have made a guide of the best English-speaking activities you can do in some of France’s best cities.

The best way to do this is to surround yourself with the language and continue to speak, read and listen in English. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either ! Native speakers will be more than happy to help keep a conversation going.

Surfing in Biarritz, Learn English in Biarritz, Practice English in Biarritz


Go surfing at the Grand Plage

People travel from all over the world to experience surfing in Biarritz. Alongside the main beach, ‘Le Grand Plage’, there are also many other amazing locations that are perfect to catch some waves. The surfing community in Biarritz is large, friendly and diverse, including people from all kinds of places. Giving you the opportunity to practice your English speaking in a very fun way !

Restaurants in Paris, Learn English in Paris, Practice English in Paris


Take a food tour through the city

Paris is a hub for tourism in France, therefore there it is very accomodating for English speakers, you will find there are language alternatives almost everywhere. Why not combine your language practice with a real food experience ? ‘Paris’ by Mouth Food Tours is adapted to English speakers, educating tourists on the heavenly French cuisine. The tour will guide you to different restuarants, wine bars, bakeries, pastry shops, ice cream shops and even confectionery shops. It is sure that you will meet Native speakers on the way, try to develop conversation and you may even make new friends ! 

Bars in Lyon, Learn English in Lyon, Practice English in Lyon


Grab a pint!

Lyon has a selection of Irish, English and Scottish bars, giving you the best opportunity to have face-to-face conversation with Native English speakers ! Relax with a pint of beer and indulge yourself in conversation with people from all different walks of life. By having casual conversation you will find your confidence will improve and you might learn even more English vocabulary !

Museum in Marseille, Learn English in Marseille Practice English in Marseille


Visit Museé d’Histoire de Marseille

Marseille is known to be rich with 26 centuries of history, which is displayed in Museé d’Histoire de Marseille. The museum is equipped to deliver the information in English as well as French. Museums contain a huge variation of objects meaning you can easily practice a wide range of vocabulary. You can rent audio guides to hear the language, but try to repeat it out loud too. Practicing like this is a great way to exercise your memory.

Old Lille, Learn English in Lille, Practice English in Lille


Immerse yourself in Old Lille

Old Lille is a charming district, where you can take a walk through the streets and the squares, and admire the heritage and history throughout. Old Lille will charm you with its architecture, shops, sights and museums, and the best way to discover it all (and revise your English skills) is through a guided tour. Taking you through the Palais Rihour, the Opera House, the Chamber of Commerce and much more – this is a great, fun and informative way to learn.

Wine in Bordeaux, Learn English in Bordeaux, Practice English in Bordeaux


Explore La Cité du Vin

La Cité du Vin is it’s own genre of Museum, and it is well accomodating to the English-speaking public. Featuring wine tastings, workshops and tours that are delivered in the English language, making it very popular for people from all over the world. There is also a reading room including books in over 20 languages, so why not grab a nice glass of wine and relax with some English reading ?

Chateau in Nantes, Learn English in Nantes, Practice English in Nantes


Discover the Château des Ducs de Bretagne

Take a journey back in time inside the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, exhibiting the rich history of the city. You can take a picnic and watch the world go by in the gardens, and take an English audio-guided tour of the Chateau, which will help your vocabulary expand as you study the multi-media historical artifacts. This is a fun way to revise English and learn about France’s history.


Join an English speaking club

There is a good handful of clubs in Pau organised for people to practice their English skills in a friendly, relaxed environment. By simply searching on the internet, you will find many groups you can request to join, and then attend or even suggest all kinds of events. Perhaps you could take a walk through the English style gardens or go for a beer at one of the English bars …and potentially make some new friends too!

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