by Peter Chisholm

Hello you lovely language lovers!


Today at The Inspire Academy we are feeling particularly ‘up beat’ (we are NEVER ‘down beat’ though) and so, I thought a great topic for this blog would be POSITIVITY and POSITIVE PHRASES.


Positivity, especially in American culture, is extremely important and widely used.

‘Positive Reinforcement’ is a method of teaching and communication commonly used in the English speaking world, it’s based around complimenting rather criticising to get the best out of workers and students.


As an English teacher I agree 100% with this – it IS the best way!


Positivity also helps us strengthen our relationships and, let’s face it, generally make the world a nicer place.


Here are a few good (and funny) phrases you can use everyday to keep things positive!


Over the moon’ – A great phrase meaning to be extremely pleased about something.   

Example: “Peter was over the moon with his birthday present

Music to my ears’ – means you are pleased to hear what the other person is saying.

Example: “when Peter said he liked the gift I bought him it was music to my ears

Bee’s knees’ – A classic British phrase! It means that something is fantastic but it can also to describe a feeling of being very happy.

Example1: “Peter LOOKED like the bee’s knees in his new suit

Example2; “Peter FELT like the bee’s knees in his new suit

I believe in you’ – A very American phrase and an excellent thing to say to encourage a person in a particular task.

Example: “I know this is difficult but you can do it, I believe in you!

Wicked’ – So here’s a strange one! Wicked has 2 separate meanings, officially it is used to describe a person or an action that is nasty or wrong BUT it can also be used to describe something or an experience that was or is brilliant.

Example1: “It was wicked of you to take that child’s ice cream away from them

Example2: “I had a wicked time surfing today


I hope you enjoy using these, English can be a funny language sometimes can’t it?!


Until next time,


Stay Happy Stay INSPIRED

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