The Inspire Academy

Our story

The Inspire Academy was founded in 2015 by Maryam Lafargue, who was born in the United States and lived in Canada. Her dream has always been to settle down to teach languages in France.

The Inspire Academy’s team aims to teach you languages while proving that nothing is impossible with positive motivation and real practice.
If you wish to gain more confidence, have credibility in language, develop yourself in a language for any reason, be it professional or personal, obtain a language certification and you prefer to stay at home, study when and where you want at your own pace and be accompanied throughout your project to motivate you more while remaining serious and diligent, you will be happy and fully satisfied to work with us because all this is part of our methods for a better learning experience.

Our service

The Inspire Academy Online offers training to improve your language skills. You have free access to 5 online exercises, as well as to all the videos we have made available to you.

You can also assess your language level for free by receiving your results immediately. This test will allow you to know your level, and to receive a personalized training adapted to you.

We offer two types of language training:

Access to online content: you will be able to practice independently on audio tracks, texts and regular evaluations to check your progress.
Videoconference language courses: These courses are conducted face-to-face with a native teacher, and allow you to practice your chosen language orally, improve your comprehension and expression.

What is it about?

One of the main advantages of doing training online is that you can study from home, at work and progress at your own pace.

If you are eligible for CPF, you can finance your training. We invite you to visit the CPF funding page for more information.

If your goal is to take a certification, such as TOEIC, BULATS or BRIGHT, we advise you to inform our teachers so that they can adapt the training you have chosen to your goals.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 05 40 07 55 12 or by email at the following address: