Let’s have fun with the Inspire Academy

”Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

No more theory, boredom, passive learning… So-called traditional education does not
foster human bonds. Times are changing and we need to support students so that they
have good experiences. This will create, in them, a desire to learn new things.
At The Inspire Academy, a language training and coaching centre located in Biarritz,
learning is synonymous with fun. You dreamt of it, we did it! To flourish while studying
and in life in general is accessible to all.

"Everyone is a genius. But if a fish is judged on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its
life thinking it is stupid.
– Albert Einstein

First of all, at At the Inspire Academy, we allow people to be themselves, which makes
learning easier. The IA offers a pedagogy where students exchange and learn through
experience. The training combines foreign languages and recreational activities: indoor
creative exercises (painting, music production, board games, songwriting…) but also
outdoor activities (bowling, basketball, skateboarding, photo session, yoga, surfing…).
We can help you even more in your professional life. It is equally important to be
fulfilled in our working environment. This is why, with this program, the student has the
possibility to choose the subject he/she wishes to address. We therefore adapt our
classes to your objectives. Whether it is preparation for the TOEIC or another language
competition. If your goal is to work abroad for a Spanish company, or to communicate
professionally with your English partners, you will receive tools and experiences to
learn the vocabulary, grammar and cultural gestures required to make yourself
As you can gather, helping students is our priority! This is why we have created a new
training program that supports our students in their ambition, passion, career and
business model.