Introducing yourself in English

There are many different ways to introduce yourself to someone new, depending on the circumstances and how much information you want to share. 

Here we will cover 5 topics: salutation, name, nationality, place of living and hobbies. These are a great way to form an idea of who you are in a brief, friendly way. 

Salutations and your name

Hello/Hi/Good morning, I’m ….

Nice to meet you! My name is …..

This is the most basic way to introduce yourself, and it is appropriate in both formal or informal scenarios. 


I am English, where are you from? / I’m from England and you?

Note : I am + nationalityI’m from + country.

If this is the first time you are meeting someone, you can include the phrase ‘nice to meet you’ to be more polite.

Place of living

I was born in America, and then I was raised in Canada, but I live in France. 

I am English, and nowalso live in France.

‘I was raised’, ‘I was born’ are both past simple tense. 

This is then contrasted with the conjunction ‘but’ or the phrase ‘and now’ to show the difference in time.

The verb ‘to live’ is present simple tense to refer to the current situtation. 

You can say ‘I also live in France’, ‘I live in France too’, to share similarities.


I love to go surfing, walking and listening to music.

Me too! I also enjoy watching movies.

You can show your interest in a subject by saying ‘I love’ ‘I like’ ‘I enjoy’ or ‘my favourite activities include…’.

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