How to develop conversation with someone

Developing your conversational skills is about getting to know someone, and establishing a rapport. 

The objective :

To find common ground from which you can establish a relationship.

Hobbies or activities are a great way to engage in conversation, for example…

What did you do on the weekend ?

‘Did’ is the past simple tense of the verb ‘to do’, once the tense is recognised you can use this to help form your answer.

went for a walk / I walked.

‘Went’ is the past simple tense  of the verb ‘to go’, or alternatively you can use the past tense of the verb to simply say ‘I walked’.

Cool! Where do you usually go for walks ?

Using phrases like ‘cool’ or ‘nice’ reflects your interest in the other persons information. Asking more about the subject shows engagement in the conversation and will help you get to know the person you are speaking with better. It also opens potential to find similarities.

Usually’ means something you do often or regularly. By asking about regular activities, you will get a better understanding of the other persons character.

I usually go for walks in the nature / I like to walk in the nature.

If you find that you also like the same things, you could share your opinion.

Me too, I usually go for walks on the beach or forest. Where is your favourite place ?

Always try to keep the conversation two-sided, you will learn the most if you discuss your commonalities rather than just talking about one person. 

Note :speaking and writing are two active ways to learn, try to practice both at once to help you learn more effectively .

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