How to ask for and give directions.

It’s very beneficial to know how to get help finding where to go if you become lost, and how to give help to someone in need.

Asking for directions

Excuse me, do you know where … is ?

Sorry, I’m lost, could you help me find…?


There are certain items you can refer to to help you give clear directions, like…

Basic English learning - Direction keywords
Roundabout, Junction, Turning, Traffic lights, Corner, Highway, Motorway, Road, Left, Ahead, Right, Path
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Giving directions

Go right / Take the first right.

Then, go straight at the roundabout / Take the second exit.

After around* 500 kilometers, turn left.

At the traffic lights, go straight ahead.

Go past the cinema, and you will find / you can see your destination.

Try to practice this alone to enhance your language memory. For example, write down the directions from your house, to your work.

*‘Around’ is a preposition, to learn more, visit our ‘Prepositions’ blog.

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