30 Professional English Words ( Nouns)

Here are 30 of the most common professional , Business English words , used on a daily basis in international workplace settings. Knowing and understanding how to use these words correctly can help improve your Business English skills and give you more credibility when communicating in English . Enjoy the reading and remember to do the exercises at the end of the article 😉 All the best – Inspire Academy Online Team.

Email : A system for sending messages from one person to another via the internet between computers or systems using dedicated software. For example : Can you send me an email with your contact details please?

Office : A room, set of rooms, or building where the business of a commercial or industrial organization or of a professional person is conducted . For example : the main office of the language institute is

Location : A place of settlement, activity, or residence. For example : This city is a good location for a new health company

Meeting : An assembly or conference of persons for a specific purpose. For example : A ten o’clock phone or business meeting.

Conference : A formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days. For example : An international conference on the environment.

Conference call : A telephone call that interconnects three or more phones simultaneously. For example : I have a conference call with the team in Canada at 3pm .

Business plan : A detailed plan setting out the objectives of a business, the strategy and tactics planned to achieve them, and the expected profits, usually over a period of three to ten years. For example : I’m writing a business plan for a new product I would like to create and sell.

Company : Also knows as entreprise or organisation , a structure that exists where one or more people work . For example : He started his company a year ago .

Expense : Charges incurred during a business assignment or trip. For example : We have to reduce company expenses.

Revenue : An amount of money regularly coming in. For example : The revenue has been steady the last few months .

Profit : Pecuniary gain resulting from the employment of capital in any transaction. For example : Our profits from the stock market were considerably high this year.

Discussion : An act or instance of discussing; consideration or examination by argument, comment, etc., especially to explore solutions; informal debate. For example : We had a discussion about hiring new people.

Negotiation : Mutual discussion and arrangement of the terms of a transaction or agreement : For example : The negotiation of a treaty.

Network : To cultivate people who can be helpful to one professionally, especially in finding employment or moving to a higher position: For example : California has many information technology networks.

Leader : A person or thing that leads.a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group. For example : Barak Obama was a great leader !

Leadership : The position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group : For example : He managed to maintain his leadership of the party despite heavy opposition.

Sales : The act of selling a quantity sold , an opportunity to sell, demand . For example : Sales can change depending on the economy.

Introduction : The act of introducing or the state of being introduced. A formal personal presentation of one person to another or others. For example : My name is Fabrice, I am an engineer .

Presentation : An act of presenting, the state of being presented. For example : You gave an excellent presentation yesterday !

Innovation : Something new or different introduced : For example : Numerous innovations in the high-school curriculum.

Teamwork : Cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause. For example : Teamwork is important for our team’s happiness.

Team player : A person who willingly works in cooperation with others. For example : Our Marketing Executive Mary is a great team player.

Employee : A person working for another person or a business firm for pay. For example : Ali was named ‘ Employee of the Month ‘

Employer : A person or business that employs one or more people, especially for wages or salary. For example : a fair employer.

Boss : A person who employs or superintends workers; manager. For example : I really appreciate my boss.

Manager : A person who has control or direction of an institution, business, etc., or of a part, division, or phase of it. A person who manages. For example : The manager of our track team.

Colleague : An associate , or co-worker. For example : I work with 10 other colleagues.

Collaborator : To work, one with another; cooperate, as on a literary work. For example : They collaborated on a novel.

Finance : The management of revenues; the conduct or transaction of money matters generally, especially those affecting the public, as in the fields of banking and investment Finances, the monetary resources, as of a government, company, organization, or individual; revenue. For example : Our accountant manages our finances.

Funding : A supply of money or pecuniary resources, as for some purpose: For example : A fund for his education; a retirement fund.

Workplace : A person’s place of employment.any or all places where people are employed. For example : A proposal to set safety standards for the workplace.

Environment : An indoor or outdoor setting that is characterized by the presence of environmental art that is itself designed to be site-specific. For example : The office environment is relaxed.

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